Salon History

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of owning my own hair salon. Growing up I would cut and style not only my barbies’ hair, but my sisters and friends as well. Out of high school I attended and graduated from Ricci’s hair salon in Newtown, CT; everything about that lifestyle, I loved. As I got older,I worked in a few salons. Throughout that time I began setting personal goals that I wanted to accomplish; such as, opening up my own salon.

I come from a big Italian family and I knew I wanted to incorporate the love I have for my heritage in my salon. “Tagliare” was the perfect name for it, it means “to cut” in Italian. Throughout my salon you will see pictures of historic Italian landmarks, roman statues, and get served espresso or cappuccino and feel like you’re in Italy!

My grandfather was my biggest inspiration and role model growing up. He always gave me the best advice, told me it’s better to work for yourself then for someone else, and to always follow my dreams. Tagliare used to be an old barber shop 50+ years ago, where my grandfather would get his hair done when he moved here from Italy which makes my salon even more sentimental.

The atmosphere we created in my salon is a warm, friendly, welcoming, and most importantly comfortable environment. We have mellow music playing for relaxation, a diffuser with different oils, magazines of your choice, and large variety of jewelry and hair products to look through while waiting.

I am always eager and anxious to meet new clients and share my passion with all of you.

Stop by or call to make an appointment!Ciao!

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